Atomic Wallet | All You Need to Know About Atomic Crypto Wallet

Trusted by 3,000,000 users across the globe, Atomic wallet is known to be one of the best crypto storage which enables users to store and manage not just one or two crypto assets but more than 300 coins and tokens. Since this wallet works in association with Atomic Swap which is its decentralized exchange, therefore there are very low chances of security issues.

Its support for multiple operating systems allows it to be used on almost all modern-day devices including PCs and mobile phones. And you can even buy cryptocurrencies using different payment methods on this platform including your bank cards. And most essentially, this free wallet is easy to use and comes with high-security features.

Thus, if you also wish to use this wallet for managing and storing your cryptocurrencies, why not give this article a look and understand if you should use it or not.

What is Atomic wallet and how to use Atomic wallet?

Founded in 2017, this is a popular crypto wallet that lets you store and manage around 500 crypto tokens. The wallet shows high-level compatibility with multiple devices and is a decentralized wallet which means all your private keys are encrypted and stored on your device. Unlike other wallets, you also get the option to purchase cryptocurrency through this wallet.

In order to use the Atomic wallet on your device, you need to first download and install the wallet setup file. After this, you need to save your secret recovery phrase and then set up a password for wallet access.

A glance at the process to download Atomic Wallet 

In order to download Atomic wallet on your device, you need to follow the instructions specified below:

  1. First of all, go to https://Atomicwallet.io/ website
  2. After this, you simply need to find and click the “Download” button
  3. From the download section, you need to select your device’s operating system
  4. You can choose between Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora
  5. This shall initiate the file downloading process

Creating a new Atomic wallet

In order to set up a new wallet on the Atomic wallet portal, the easy-to-follow directions are given below:

  1. Double-click on the downloaded Atomic wallet file
  2. On the page that you are shown, click on the “Create wallet” option
  3. Proceed to create a unique and complex password for the Atomic wallet login
  4. After clicking on “Set password”, a 12-word seed phrase would be generated
  5. After writing down the backup phrase, click “Open wallet”

The Atomic Wallet login procedure

To quickly access your wallet, you can just sign in with your password as described in the steps below:

  1. As the first step, you need to click on the wallet icon on your desktop
  2. This shall open the wallet login screen
  3. Here, you just need to feed in your password
  4. Click on the eye icon to check if you have fed the correct password or not
  5. Soon after this, click on the “Open wallet” option to access your wallet

Is there an Atomic Wallet Chrome extension?

Well, you can download the Atomic wallet’s setup file in order to start using all the features that are available on it. After downloading the setup file from the official site, you just need to double-click on it and follow the easy setup procedure as explained in the previous section.

What are the Atomic wallet fees?

If you transact through this wallet, you will be charged a flat 2% fee for the same and the minimum fee for one transaction would be $10. Although downloading and using this wallet is completely free but you need to pay the specified amount in order to make any operations through it. Please note, that the higher fee charged by Atomic wallet is because it allows you to undergo transactions at a fast speed.

Is Atomic wallet safe?

AES and TLS are the encryption methods that are used by Atomic wallets to maintain the security of users’ wallets and most importantly, your data is not stored over servers. In addition to this, this is a decentralized wallet which means no details of your wallet or your private keys are stored over its servers. However, this also means that you have full control over your wallet’s safety.


This detailed overview of Atomic wallet would help you understand whether you should opt for this wallet service or not. Just because of its diverse range of features, you should not prefer choosing this wallet. However, there is one major drawback of this wallet i.e. you will not be allowed to connect it to a hardware wallet which means there is no scope for the wallet’s security improvements.